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Sexuality 02:34 achievement, an act, aggression...a boredom, a body, a chase – a commodity...a form of expression of love...a medical problem...a identity...performance – perversion – possession – obsession...a scarred experience, a mode of transgression, a form of violence, a form of work, a kind of war!
it shouted so loud – my ears refuse to hear went so sour – my eyes refuse to see pondered so hard – my heart refuse to feel i realized it’s something I hands were covered in I slip back into my thoughts...I fade away...wet eyes – confidence - analyzing about my own decision...look into my wet eyes...feel my confidence - agonizing about my own option – a choice the only option – a single choice...fuck!
my very chains and I grew much a long communion tends to tell us what we are...even I regained my freedom with a the wink of nothing...when your life is reduced to the moment it disappears...tell us what we are – tell me what you are – what I am
Angst 02:11
why do you and I do that? why are we doing that?...patterns are our existence...everything has significance...everything must´s enough to drive you crazy...I am carrying on a mission...but I didn´t realize until relatively recently that I was one of a sequence...for a long time I resisted to include my present, my existence...if I ever had the chance for another life – what would I change – or would it simply stay the same...then this moment is I shatter this moment? I shatter myself! this moment is shattered! do I shatter it? I shatter myself! I shatter...I´ve seen enough of my own rages to be wary of myself
Raindrops 04:11
while raindrops cross my skin, thoughts scream in silence...while facing the mirror of reality, my confidence crashes down like broken glass falling on the floor...what is your darkest fear inside? what is your darkest aim tonight? if relief is close - are you leaving something dear to you? do you care? no urge to express yourself argue to open your mouth hope to open your eyes love to unclose your heart ideals to fight for...empytness - in my mind...sadness comes to an end...I come to an end...this is the rush of life – a mysterium


Recorded in three cold and windy December days in the Stereoxide Studio in Köln


released March 10, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Chris
Mastered by Role @ Tonmeisterei
Front photo by Sietze
Lay out by Kees/Erik
Released by Contraszt (europe) and All we know records (usa)

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Thank you Philipp & Ashley, Chris, Role, stomme Kees, Jan, Spence,
Bielefeld people, W12, Lawine, Strafplanet, Cloud Rat and you for getting this record
10/3 Hannover@pressure&ink headquarter w/ Pakt
11/3 Hamburg@Störtebeker w/ Pakt
12/3 Flensburg@Senffabrik w/ Pakt
25/3 Brussels@Le Barlok w/ Iron, No Fealty
21/4 Munster@
22/4 Frankfurt@
23/4 Strasbourg@ Le diamant d'or w/ Blank
24/4 Bern@Reitschule, Cafete w/ Strafplanet
25/4 Zürich@Kochareal w/ Strafplanet
26/4 Biel w/ Strafplanet
27/4 Italy – still need help w/ Strafplanet
28/4 Italy – still need help w/ Strafplanet
29/4 Koper w/ Strafplanet & Leechfeast
30/4 Vienna@ABC Fest w/ Strafplanet and many others





..created music that defies boundaries and is highly addictive if you like quality music..

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