by Crevasse

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…some thoughts on work…


released August 28, 2014

Recorded in the mild winter of 2013 by Omar and Roland.
Mixed and mastered in Graz by Chris Mass
Art by Volo



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Track Name: Like scales from the eyes
It’s never seem so clear to me, how everything depends on substantial options, that - without any material base – my freedom of thought is none…does this also mean, that if I had more financial securities, I would have more time and a clearer mind? do you really think, that if I had more financial securities, I would have more time and a clearer mind?
right now it’s kind of true: arts, music, politics, relationships and wage labour have to share one and the same space in my head – all the hours of my day, all the sleep and dreams of my night - the whole continuity of my concentration…continuously, one is taken the others area – and I’m not able to cope with anything…when I look into the mirror I see my own wreck of life - my own failure – a dirty sad pile of shards…is this the image of a fulfilled life? is this what people envy? money and work to get freedom, satisfaction and relief? this is your wreck of life, your failure – a dirty sad pile of shards...
Track Name: What you concern
…is this also what I’m supposed to need to become happy, relaxed and reveled? or is this just a deceptive and elusive picture to abate me, to hush my fears, to satisfy my concerns, misgivings? what the fuck can I do to strengthen the definition of my own status - to achieve more space and options for my heart’s desires? cause isn’t it the heart which is an essential part of existance? love? cry – don’t curse! I wanna become happy before I die! do you really believe the difference is just less time, a matter of quantity? don’t you think it’s more about a qualitative value of life? if the mind is occupied of too many logics, dynamics, requirements, time structures, the end, nothing will be done properly, neither devotion, nor passion...
Track Name: Reflections
illusion-mistaken? a fallacy? do you really think you need and get this sought-after structure, recognition, interpretation, a meaningful purpose - a sense as the only sole good? I don’t need your fucking and simulated idea of labour work to reach a meaningful sense of life, I don’t need your fucking money as a motivation of getting active...and still, I cannot deny that most of the people around me are doing it – so do I…and I also know this feeling of justifying - so do I…may I also just be a product of this capitalistic consume machinery, tricked by neoliberalism and the predominant social order which sells my values, my ideals? your values, your ideals? our values, our ideals!
Track Name: Run
work – don’t work – don’t care! do I spend my life in a cage of fear? Is this life so fragile? how to sharpen the focus according to my needs, my priorities? work – don’t work – don’t care! anything I believe good, right and true requires a freedom of activities beyond the question about enforceability, the being and doing and the creativity…for my own sake! the contradiction between motivation and ability and the requirements of the social reality won’t become a habit...the contradiction between motivation and ability – won’t become a habit...and the requirements of the social reality – won’t become a won’t become a habit! am I close enough to regret you? – I’m not close enough to regret you! no more living under the dictatorship of the deadline, cause the deadline never dies…no more living...cause it never dies! long live the short lives!
Track Name: To spit
exploitation – alienation – utilization…self-exploitation means alienation of myself…the utilization for the capital…capitalism is the necessity of self-exploitation, an osmotic operation in the collective social memory – called infiltration or brain washing…is an economical gender-equality reachable at all? if patriarchy is one essential part of the capitalistic system? either you gain employment cause you are cheaper than men or you won’t, cause you could get pregnant…it’s a double exploitation, first - through capital, second - through gender ratio…not to mention any other produced forms of exclusions…you call it emancipation or progression…I call it unequal wages, ‘stove-bonus’ and the constraint of reproduction…
Track Name: Not enough
emancipation always starts from the roots of minorities…so the protest stays nonpolitical as long as it gets minimized and diminished by supposed symbolic gestures and not by taken protest on the streets…women’s issue becomes a side contradiction and thus reinforces capitalism…the myth of gender out of this perspective is divided into a binary system: man or woman, public or private, production or reproduction…the double and triple burden of labour work, domestic work and parenting evolved to the principle of neoliberal subjectivity…this is fucking gender-mainstreaming at it’s best! emancipation always starts from the roots of minorities…